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Video Advertising

We take pride in our video production services - coming up with the creative and the right solutions on videos.


Business Strategy

Setting goals, determining measurement metrics, charting long-term direction, and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue a strategy...


Training & Development

Providing the knowledge and tools for improving the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings.



Promoting an organization and building a brand by concentrating its limited resources on the greatest opportunities


Website Design

Web design, social media development, hosting, and Internet marketing. We build the entire package for your business.


Our customers

Jenn and her team were great in conceptualizing our ad, and production could not have gone more smoothly.
Sue Rowan, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine


Kennneally & Company is a full service marketing and adverting agency located in Biddeford, Maine. Our tagline is ‘Creative Branding. Affordable Advertising.’ We believe strongly in creating and fostering existing brands to benefit each of our clients (the marketing side). Then, we believe in affordable advertising that delivers results (the advertising side). We take organizations that are well run and raise their profiles to reach the clients they want through marketing.

Kenneally & Company specializes in video production, and we will tell your story through traditional 30-second television ads or longer-format videos to post on your website, social media, and on YouTube or to play at your trade show booth. We also produce half-hour paid-programs aired on broadcast and cable stations in Maine and beyond. We can also create or update your website and provide the peripheral print ads and brochures that layer your brand image in a way that customers will not miss. We believe that the only way for us to win is for our customers to win.

Another important part of Kenneally & Company is the knowledge side of the company, providing business intelligence through training and consulting services. In the area of training, our unique focus on improving emotional intelligence for better customer service yields positive results. We also offer a better approach to improving the success of your middle managers. Our consulting services can help you write a business plan, craft a strategy, build a business model, or develop a vision. The motto for this side of the company is, ‘Successful Strategies. Lifelong Learning.’ We will help you and your team run a smarter business.

The two sides of our house come together, providing a dynamic combination that builds knowledge and builds brands. Let us work for you. Call or e-mail.
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