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Welcome to Kenneally & Company

Our Services

At Kenneally and Company, we pride ourselves on a few key aspects, including education (we want you to understand our recommendations and will teach you about advertising), we share ideas and successes (You may not have heard about us, but I guarantee you’ve heard about our clients. That is what we want to be known for.) and we are affordable (We believe you have to have money left to advertise. What good is a new video if no one sees it?)

Media Buying
As a media specialist, I work with clients on a targeted plan to help choose the medium that is best for them. With hundreds of options on purchasing media, using an expert to negotiate price, arrange placement, and determine metrics for measurement is essential There are so many options with advertising (radio, television, streaming, print, social media, email marketing and so forth). It is really daunting when you are not educated on all of the options out there (and really, you're running your business so how could you stay on top of it?) That's where I come in and work up an affordable and effective advertising campaign to help each client achieve their goals. We will work with your advertising budget, we will maximize your investment. We will also take all the vendor calls to save you time and money. I have a relationship with many of the television, radio, print, and other vendors.

Blue Rock Of Maine

For Blue Rock, we produced the following:
Print ad with the photography and editing.
Website and Video

Creative Services
We offer a lot of creative services but the one we recommend the most is video. Whether it is a short :15 to :30 second message or a 3-5 minute story, video is really important. Helping clients write their story, capture the video and put it all together takes a lot of skill. We are lucky to have several videographers in Maine that are highly qualified to help do that. It also includes drone footage, traditional video, and more. Take a look at some samples here and our YouTube channel: Kenneally & Company

City of Saco

For the City of Saco, we produced (wrote, shot and edited) 3 bond question videos in 2016. We also provided a marketing plan to help get the information out to the citizens of Saco. All three bond questions passed (in the past, they had been turned down twice).

In 2018, we produced (wrote, shot and edited) 6 charter change videos. We also provided a marketing plan to help get the information out to the citizens of Saco. All 6 charter changes were passed.

View Videos

City of Biddeford

Here is a long format piece and short format we produced:

Photography and print design
As they say, a photo is worth a million words. Using photography on social media, websites and print can really help tell your story. Keep it updated and fresh. We can then turn the photography into brochures, look books, print ads and more.

Maine Indoor Carting Brochure

City of Biddeford Rack Card

Logos are fun but also a lot of work to get just the right branding across for our clients needs. We take pride in asking questions (and knowing a little psychology and back ground on logos) to create logos you will love for years to come. (Maine Massage and Wellness, Kenneally and Company, Blue Rock, and Windham Farmer's Market)

Strategy and setting goals
To help keep commitments: This is an important role. 90% of my work is helping clients stay on track with their commitments so that important priorities don’t get pushed to the side. When we put the marketing and advertising plan in place, we’ll contact the businesses to set up the shoots, we’ll write the scripts, edit them, and get them out to the public. There are so many great stories to share, let’s not miss the opportunities.

Trade shows/booths
Attending trade shows, networking, and reaching new potential clients may be another way to help grow your business. We can help you design and print your banners in all sizes, shapes and forms. We work with many local printers and even can visit them together so you get the right banners for your needs.