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Jennifer Kenneally
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Husson University and MPA from Norwich University.
For several years, I worked for different television stations selling advertising, both short format and long format.In addition, I’ve worked several years in human resources, payroll, customer service, and merchandising. With a wide array of work experience, it gave me the experience and knowledge to work for myself. In 2011, we opened a new division to Kenneally & Co with the marketing and advertising.


John Kenneally
Bachelor of Arts from University of Maine and MBA in Finance from University of Connecticut. John started Kenneally & Co as a training and strategic marketing company. Some of the trainings include customer service and management trainings for various banks and non-profit organizations. He has helped write many business plans for clients. For over 20 years, he taught at Husson University, Colby College, University Southern New Hampshire and Thomas College. Four years ago, he accepted a full-time faculty position at St Joseph’s College in Standish. The workload at the college enables him to work a significant amount for Kenneally & Company.